Natural Security Alliance is promoting with its members a technology combining a wireless personal device and biometrics.

  • The personal device, based on a secure element, stores applications and data used to authenticate the user, resolving problems related to privacy. The standard can be implemented into various form factors: smart card, micro-SD Card, SIM card and token…
  • The wireless technology used spares users the need to physically handle the device and is based on mid-range wireless communications technology (802.15.4, Bluetooth Low Energy…).
  • Biometrics replaces or complements PINs and a transaction can only take place when both the user and the device are present.

Joining Natural Security Alliance, represent a real opportunity to access this cutting-edge technology, fruit of several years of development and $25 million invested by Natural Security shareholders.

The pictures below, extracted from one of our video animation, intend to give an overview of this technology through one use-case: proximity payment.

The following steps picture a typical day for a Natural Security User :

  • The woman is at home and puts her personal device in her bag.
  • She goes out shopping, simply having her personal device in the bag.
  • She stumbles upon a store, selling a nice pair of shoes.
  • She tries them on and decides to buy them.
  • To pay, she simply places her finger on the reader to be authenticated.


A unique gesture for proximity payments