SesameTouch is an Innovative Biometric Connected Device that pairs a biometric reader with secure data storage to enable easy, fast, secure strong authentication to pay online, to store personal data and replace logins and passwords.

SesameTouch was designed according to Natural Security’s specifications, and combines biometrics and a connected device to enable users to authenticate online and pay in a physical store. It was showcased at the latest Retail Week using an e-wallet (TSI’s My e-Money Purse) in a web-to-store context. In this scenario, the consumer places an order online—without entering a credit card number—by simply placing a finger on SesameTouch, which is then used to pick up the order in the store.

SesameTouch will initially serve to simplify and authenticate online and offline transactions and online services.

Today: A connected device for online and local commerce

SesameTouch addresses the three major issues currently affecting e-commerce:

  • For users: ease of online payment in the face of different user experiences and varying levels of authentication.

  • For merchants: the development of new customer experiences (e.g. web-to-store) that comply with regulations while reducing the number of abandoned online shopping carts.

  • For banks: the need to improve strong authentication solutions to mitigate risks as fraudulent practices evolve to target online payments instead of EMV.

Built on the foundations of Natural Security’s standard, SesameTouch provides authentication that combines biometrics with the data required for authentication and service delivery. It aims to support all types of online payment, including e-wallets, tokenization and EMV. This flexibility has already led TSI to choose SesameTouch to secure and facilitate the use of its e-wallet solution, My e-Money Purse.

SesameTouch brings value to non-payment transactions as well, simplifying online ordering by autofilling and securing data needed to finalize transactions (e.g. delivery address, phone number, email).

SesameTouch uses BLE to connect to tablets, mobile and TV, but also NFC technology, meaning it can be used to approve transactions with biometrics and a secure element on all NFC terminals. It thus improves upon the current user experience offered by mobile phones with biometric readers, providing stronger data security, enhanced biometric reading quality and the flexibility to choose between more payment methods.

Tomorrow: A tool for the customer’s entire digital life

SesameTouch an Innovative Biometric Connected DeviceThe roadmap for SesameTouch is open to all usages requiring fast strong authentication.

SesameTouch simplifies and secures access to online services, creating exciting development opportunities for editors of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Online banking is another natural context in which to use SesameTouch, where it simplifies and secures account access, and can be used to develop new applications such as digital signatures.

More generally, SesameTouch is ready to support all digital ID applications,

SesameTouch can also create value for companies by securing access to sensitive enterprise applications accessed through any device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer), offering a solution that successfully brings security and traceability to BYOD.

it can be used in public transportation to pay for passes and accept the fare conditions. Passengers can then validate their pass by simply placing SesameTouch on the fare reader. This connected device has enough space to store several types of fare, and is designed to support the european standard Calypso.

A project for all

SesameTouch comes with a SDK that can be used to develop and test different implementations. Developers can therefore use it to easily create proof of concept in an accessible way in order to validate corporate and consumer use cases.

To finalize commercial production and increase visibility to the general public, companies and institutions and authorities, a Kickstarter campaign in support of SesameTouch was launched on October 1, 2015.