Two connected devices WIBiMi (from UINT) and TeDeGO (from Trust Designer) have been developed for biometric payment projects, delivering strong authentication for proximity payment without compromising security or personal data protection.

Introducing Connected Payment DEVICES

These devices answer some of today’s major questions around biometric authentication:

  • How can biometric authentication be made accessible to all users?
  • How can we resolve acceptance issues for merchants and service providers?
  • What should the user experience look like for payment transactions that rely on biometric authentication?
  • How can biometrics be used for proximity payments?

They also make it possible to reach all consumers by expanding beyond the circle of mobile payment users, which is still quite small.

NAtural Security Standard added-value for Bringing Biometric Payment to the Masses

The Natural Security standard includes a certification process based on specifications that guarantee interoperability between different systems. Interoperability allows for the following:

  • Users can choose a personal device in the most convenient of a number of forms (e.g. connected device, phone, microSD card, wearable).
  • Accepting parties can accept numerous payment methods in various—but certified—form factors, thereby meeting customer expectations while using a single interface that offers the same experience to all customers and a common interface with all different transaction systems.
  • Manufacturers can offer products that fit into an existing ecosystem and a global value chain.
  • Actors in the payment chain can accept payments made with certified devices, through which they can also offer their own services.

2 INNOVative implementations for Biometric payment

Some of the latest implementations of the Natural Security standard include:

  •  A connected device implementing a microSD card (UINT) that can also be used in a mobile phone or any other device with a microSD slot.
Connected Payment Devices: Bringing Biometric Payment to the Masses

A micro-SD into a connected device or a mobile phone for biometric payment

  • TeDeGo (Trust Designer), a connected device for everyday proximity payments.
Connected Payment Devices: Bringing Biometric Payment to the Masses

TeDeGo : a connected device for biometric payment

These personal devices offer identical functionality, but differ in terms of their energy source (integrated battery pack or batteries), personalization options (e.g. color) and whether they can be used within another device (e.g. through a microSD card). Both designs offer a device that relies on a secure element, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of personal data while remaining compatible with systems in different stores.

The Press Release is available in the Ressource Center.

About Trust Designer

Trust Designer is an expert in mobile identification technology. It has developed cutting-edge skills in different fields, including strong authentication, digital signatures and document certification. It develops applications for mobiles, smartcards and connected objects. Building on its technology partnership with Natural Security, Trust Designer also offers a unique innovative midrange contactless payment solution using Bluetooth communication. It is a leading competitor to the NFC mobile payment.

About UINT

UINT is a start-up specialized in research, development and commercialization of flexible electronic board solutions that fit in autonomous (requiring no external energy source) credit card-style cards and other tiny form factors (microSD). For more than 14 years, UINT’s PhDs and engineers have applied their strong experience in research and development of electronics, security transactions, biometrics and smart card manufacturing, mastering all the product processes and life cycles from conception to manufacturing.