Final program : Biometrics based high-value services. 
A meeting organized jointly by

Biometrics Institute, Mobey Forum and Natural Security Alliance.


Does the expanding use of biometrics mean they will complement or replace the current authentication methods, like smartcards? Biometrics is becoming increasingly commonplace, but questions around implementation, openness and evaluation have not really been addressed. The market is clearly waiting for certain key features to be fleshed out before it will really take off. For example, interoperability must be made standard, so service providers can accept the authenticators deployed and consumers are not limited in where they can shop for goods and services. Similarly, a simple, consistent user approach needs to be developed and deployed so consumers can enjoy the same experience for all services. Finally, security must be made a priority right from the beginning of the design phase and evaluation and certification schemes must be set up and recognized.

Session 1 : Global Picture and introduction 

  • Presentation of the Mobey Forum study: “Biometrics in financial industry: opportunities and obstacles” by CaixaBank and Morpho
  • “So what is going to be next?” A sneak peek from the Biometrics Institute annual Industry Survey
  • Biometrics on mobile devices: a review by Natural Security Alliance 

Session 2 : Implementation

  • Security and implementations: How to be assured that biometric implementations will be secure  ? Trusted Execution Environment, Secure Element and Secure environment. Trustonic, Certgate and Oberthur

Session 3 : Evaluation and testing

Session 4 : Regulation

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation. Input from CNIL (French Data protection agency)

Discussion session

  • View on biometrics, implementation, concerned about evaluation testing, and regulation from Royal Bank of Scotland (UK), Biopay (Malaysia), ID3 (France), Cross Match (UK)

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This event is limited to 50 attendees and preference is given to representatives from financial services and telecoms sectors.

About the Biometrics Institute

BI Logo détouré TM V1The Biometrics Institute is the independent and impartial international membership organisation for biometric users and other interested parties established in 2001 to promote the responsible use of biometrics.  It provides its members, key stakeholders and the public with services providing best-practice information about biometrics such as the Biometrics Privacy Guidelines and the Biometrics Institute Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG). It offers a variety of events to enable the sharing of expertise and knowledge about biometrics in a trusted environment. These events include the Asia-Pacific Conference, the Showcase Australia and Showcase Europe as well as regular member networking meetings and training courses in Sydney, Canberra, Wellington, London, Brussels, Singapore and Washington. It conducts the annual Biometrics Institute Industry Survey every June.

It has a team of 6 staff across its offices in London, UK and Sydney, Australia and is supported by a Board of Directors and several expert and sector sub-groups.

About Mobey Forum

Mobey Forum is the global industry association empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead in the future of mobile finamobey forumncial services.

Mobey Forum connects industry thought leaders to identify commercial drivers for the development of better mobile commerce. Mobey Forum’s members collaborate to analyse business strategies and technologies to create innovative, interoperable and competitive financial services.

About Natural Security Alliance

Natural Security Alliance

The Natural Security standard defines a strong authentication method dedicated to online and offline transactions. It is based on a unique combination of pairing technology, local biometric verification and a personal device.

Natural Security Alliance is an international association that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions implementing this standard. It brings together leaders from the business, banking and payment industries, as well as solution providers and manufacturers. All members of the Alliance share the goal of encouraging their clients to adopt payment and authentication solutions based on the Natural Security standard.

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