Morpho, the global leader in biometrics and secure identification solutions, joins Natural Security Alliance

Morpho (Safran), the global leader for secure identification solutions, has joined Natural Security Alliance, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience in biometrics. Natural Security Alliance’s biometric strong authentication standard makes it possible for users to access the full range of electronic services (e.g. online and in-store payments, cash withdrawals, online banking, FIDO services, identity management) with the guarantee that they will retain full control of their biometric data and that their privacy will be protected. Natural Security has defined the world’s first and only specifications for a strong authentication method involving a personal device (e.g. smart card, mobile, connected device) that can securely communicate with biometric readers via contact, NFC or mid-range (e.g. BLE, WPAN) technologies. Based on an evaluation and certification scheme, this standard provides the groundwork for an interoperability scheme compatible with all the different implementations possible in terms of form factors and services. Recognition from a global leader in biometrics such as Morpho validates Natural Security Alliance’s positioning and objectives, and should encourage other major players to join the Alliance and adopt the standard. Morpho’s arrival will also pave the way for the Alliance to explore new biometric methods (e.g. face recognition) and help strengthen mobile phone implementations. Natural Security Alliance brings together leaders from the business, banking and payment industries, as well as solution providers and manufacturers. Natural Security Alliance is thrilled to welcome a new biometrics expert, whose membership confirms the need for an open standard that relies on an evaluation and certification scheme and lays the foundation for an authentication interoperability framework. Press Release is available in the Ressource Center

About Morpho (Safran)

Morpho joins Natural Security AllianceMorpho, a high-technology company belonging to the Safran, is a global leader in security solutions. The company employs more than 8,400 people in 40 countries, and reported revenues of more than 1.5 billion euros in 2014. Morpho’s unique expertise lies in providing cutting-edge security solutions for the government identity, public security, critical infrastructure, transportation and business markets. Morpho is the world leader in multibiometric identification technologies, Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS), biometric identity documents and explosives detection systems (EDS). It is one of the leading suppliers of banking and SIM cards, trace detection equipment and gaming terminals. With integrated systems operating in more than 100 countries, Morpho’s solutions simplify and secure the lives of people around the world.

About Natural Security Alliance

Natural Security Alliance is an international association that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions implementing the Natural Security standard. It brings together leaders from the business, banking and payment industries, as well as solution providers and manufacturers. All members of the Alliance share the goal of encouraging their clients to adopt payment and authentication solutions based on the Natural Security standard. For more information: Media contact France / RP carrées – Benoît Renart – – +33 (0)3 28 52 00 57 / Media contact ROW / Natural Security Alliance – André Delaforge – – +33 (0)3 61 76 14 61 /

About Natural Security Standard

The Natural Security standard defines a strong authentication method dedicated to online and offline transactions. It is based on a unique combination of pairing technology, local biometric verification and a personal device. The personal device stores applications and data used to authenticate the user, resolving problems related to privacy and avoiding the use of biometric databases. The standard can be implemented into many form factors, including smartcards, micro-SD cards, mobile phones, secure elements and tokens. The pairing technology establishes communication between the personal device and the biometric reader during authentication. Specifications are available for contact-based communication and NFC, though only mid-range technologies (e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee) spare users the need to physically handle the device. Biometrics replaces or complements PINs so transactions can only be completed when both the user and the device are present.