A new sponsor member just joined the 40 members of Natural Security Alliance: CaixaBank.

The third largest financial institution in Spain and the leading force in Spanish retail banking, positions itself, once more, as a leader in banking innovation.

CaixaBank has a network of more than 6,300 branches, more than 9,900 ATMs, and a workforce of over 34,300 employees. With over 13.8 million customers, it is undoubtedly, the leading entity in retail banking in Spain. CaixaBank was awarded the world’s most innovative bank award in 2011 which was followed by the “Best Bank in Spain 2012” award for excellence by Euromoney. Moreover, CaixaBank prides itself in being able to maintain its status as the global leader in card payments and mobile financial services – to date, CaixaBank has rolled-out over 60,000 contactless POS terminals in Spain. Finally, the great achievement of inventing & installing over 600 contactless ATMs in Spain has crowned CaixaBank as being the only financial institution to have done so.

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