A new version of the WiBiMi was disclosed during world e-ID and the Natural Security Alliance Workshop in Marseille. During this event, Pierre Antonio, Head of Marketing Advisory Committee, talked about “Implementation of a strong Authentication with Biometrics” during the “Biometrics & Strong Authentication Implementation” session.

UINT, member of the Natural Security Alliance disclosed a new version of the WiBiMi.

WiBiMi disclosed during Natural Security Alliance Workshop

New version of the WiBiMi disclosed during world e-ID

For Natural Security, user experience is key. And the video shows clearly the benefits of hands-free based User Experience.  “Hands-free user experience at POS brings a real value for customers, merchants and banks” stated Pierre.

WiBiMi is based on the current and available specifications of the Natural Security standard.

About Natural Security Alliance

Natural Security Alliance is an international association of retailers, financial and payment institutions, and service, solution and equipment providers. These actors are all motivated by the same desire to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions built on the Natural Security standard. This standard makes it possible to securely pay for and access services, and have the same user experience, online and in local stores.

The strong authentication defined by the Natural Security standard relies on biometrics combined with a personal device (e.g. chip card, mobile phone, dedicated device, SIM card, microSD card). It protects authentication data, data communication during the transaction and the biometrics linking the personal device to its owner.