Natural Security Alliance is very proud to be partner of PayExpo2015, an essential event for anyone involved in making payments faster, easier and more secure. This event will take place in London, June 9-10. On June, 10th – 01:55-02:20pm-  Pierre Antonio – Head of Marketing Advisory Committee –  will speak about “Biometrics & Fraud: why do we need an international standard? Case study.” Topic Payments Security & Authentification.

Payments security & authentication

Payments security &authentication

Cash is expensive and vulnerable to fraud. But are alternative digital payment routes not still just as fragile to manipulation and threats? Biometrics has been tagged as the final frontier in payments validation and security. However, many still question if it is as fast, cost-effective and secure as the market needs it to be. In this brand new addition to PayExpo, Payments Security & Biometrics 2015 Seminars will host the debate on the hype verses reality for biometrics payments for merchants. Make sure you join us for these workshops set to be jam-packed with case studies from a number of leading merchants and cutting-edge technology companies as we delve deeper in this next generation passport.

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