Natural Security Alliance will be at mobey day 2015 to talk about implementation of biometrics (“Reframing security in the face of biometrics“). We thought it would be interesting to address and provide an update on the key questions raised during the “Biometrics for High-Value Services” event[1]:

  • How will biometrics affect our very notion of security?
  • How can we trust that biometric implementations will be secure?
  • Is there a role for evaluation and certification in the new roll-out of biometrics-based services?
  • Local vs. global: Is there a place for local regulation?

This session will be an opportunity to get ideas of how to make biometrics an open technology, in order to meet requirements in terms of security, privacy and business cases expected by the market. [1]“Biometrics for High-Value Services: Opportunities, Obstacles and Breakthroughs”, a joint initiative by the Biometrics Institute, Natural Security Alliance and Mobey Forum.

money day 2015

money day 2015

Mobey Day 2015 Barcelona October 14-15 Mobey Day is an annual event that brings together the finance, technology and telecoms industries globally for two days of sharing, learning, analyzing and collaborating. Themes for Mobey Day 2015 include :

  • Value added services in mobile payments
  • Big data: opportunities and restrictions in banking
  • Consumer engagement & importance of design in mobile finance
  • Blockchain technology and virtual currencies

Mobey Day is an event by Mobey Forum  Mobey Forum is the global industry association empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead in the future of mobile financial services.