Berlin, September 21 – 2016:

2016-09-26_12h16_34During the innotrans show, leading international trade fair for transport technology located in Berlin every two years, Natural Security Alliance received an innovation award from the European railway clusters, in the “coup de Coeur” category, for its mobile authentication solution.

This award illustrates how Natural Security Alliance can be particularly interesting for the transportation market and can be used for Ticketing system, online payment and an easy-to-use and safe way to identify passengers on trains.





About ERCI Innovation Award:

The ERCI Innovation Award recognizes companies from ERCI member clusters that have successfully introduced innovative products or solutions to the market. The prize is initiated by the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI).

The ERCI Innovation Award has three categories: „best large enterprise“, „best SME“ and  „Coup de Coeur“.

The winners of the 2016 award are:

Large enterprises: DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH – Südostbayernbahn (Germany)

SME: Ubidata (Belgium)

Coup de Coeur: Natural Security Alliance (France)

About European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI):

The European Railway Clusters Initiative was founded in 2010 with the signature of the cooperation treaty on InnoTrans 2010. Member clusters of ERCI are:

  • i-trans competitiveness cluster (Famars, France)
  • BTS Rail Saxony (Dresden, Germany)
  • Cluster Mobilität, Verkehr und Logistik Berlin-Brandenburg, c/o Berlin Partner (Berlin, Germany)
  • CNA Cluster Bahntechnik Bayern (Nuremberg, Germany)
  • DITECFER (Pistoia, Italy)
  • Järnvägsklustret (Västeras, Sweden)
  • Logistics in Wallonia (Grace-Hollogne, Belgium)
  • Poludniowy Klaster Kolejowy (Katowice, Poland)
  • Railgrup (Barcelona, Spain)
  • RTCA (Vienna, Austria)
  • Rail Alliance (United Kingdom)

The 11 member clusters represent more than 1,000 companies from the industry from all over Europe. The goals of ERCI are the strengthening of the competitiveness of the European railway supply industry by developing joint innovation projects among its members as well as establishing stronger business relations among them. ERCI projects include the PERES 4i partnership under the roof of the European Cluster Collaboration platform.