TSITicket Surf International (TSI), a pioneer in the online payment and electronic payment solutions industry, joins Natural Security Alliance to strengthen its digital wallet solution, My E-money Purse.

Building on the Natural Security standard, TSI will be able to offer systematic, strong authentication of every transaction by combining biometrics with a connected personal device. It will also be able to explore new uses for its e-wallet, such as buy online pick up in store transactions in which consumers shop and pay online before picking up their purchase in a store, and no bank details are kept on the store’s website.

The personal connected device, which was designed by Trust Designer based on the Natural Security standard, is equipped with a biometric reader and secure data storage for strong user authentication. It enables consumers to easily, quickly and securely use My E-money Purse to both pay for and pick up purchases.

Combining biometrics with connected personal devices marks a real opportunity to significantly expand the use of electronic money for payments,” declared Frédéric Jeannin, CEO of TSI. “It makes payment fast, easy and safe for users and retailers, while offering merchants potential savings and the chance to develop innovative customer experiences adapted to new uses.” The My E-money Purse e-wallet gives users an electronic money account that incorporates all of TSI’s payment methods: prepaid Ticket Premium and Ticket Surf codes, and the YesByCash online cash payment system. Consumers can currently use My E-Money Purse to make secure, irrefutable online payments, and they will soon also be able to use it in local stores.

Our strong authentication standard is perfectly suited to new payment methods like e-wallets,” commented Cédric Hozanne, CEO of Natural Security Alliance. “It clearly reflects the user need for simplicity, for example by eliminating the need to re-enter information, while providing the necessary security by offering a practical solution for users who don’t want to store their payment details on e-commerce sites. The strength of our standard lies in the fact that it was designed to meet the needs expressed by users and retailers. From this standpoint, the arrival of an e-wallet on a connected personal device owned by the user will open the door for designing new services that are even simpler and more secure. This unique combination will also serve as a springboard for developing buy online pick up in store applications, and make cross-channel transactions available to a maximum of users.”

The Natural Security standard has emerged as a response to the perceived complexity of online transactions by offering a secure one-click biometric approach that is unique to each individual. It is simple for consumers to use and facilitates the purchase process for service providers and retailers, thereby reducing the number of abandoned online shopping carts. 

About TSI Founded in 2003, TSI is the first French commercial company to obtain an electronic money issuer license from the ACPR (Banque de France); it also benefits from full European passport rights. TSI offers prepaid cards (Ticket Premium and Ticket Surf) for consumers who do not want to use a debit or credit card online, and an online cash payment system (YesByCash). These different payment methods are all combined in My E-money Purse, TSI’s e-wallet solution. For more information: www.tsi-payment.com

About My E-money Purse My E-money Purse is an electronic money account that enables consumers to easily and quickly pay online and, soon, in local stores. It combines all of TSI’s payment methods: Ticket Surf, Ticket Premium and YesByCash. Consumers can also use My E-money Purse to track the status of orders paid for using YesByCash and to check Ticket Premium and Ticket Surf balances.