« At Natural Security Alliance, players from every step of the payment and services value chain come together to jointly define an authentication standard that works for all uses and situations, and does not compromise security or privacy.

With nearly 50 members who are engaged on a daily basis, the Alliance mobilizes stakeholders to work on specific projects where each player can create real value. The success of our launch will be seen in the many planned implementations of the standard and the projects in progress around the world.

As authentication technologies emerge in new contexts pioneered by new players, the Alliance’s testing and certification scheme offers a concrete response to the need for visibility over security and implementation. »

Jean-Pierre Viboud –Chairman of Natural Security Alliance, CEO of Oney Group


Beyond the technology, essential to the Natural Security Alliance, the international companies from all sectors form a true community. This unique opportunity enables collaboration between members of different industries (card processors, merchants, technology vendors, etc.) to share experiences and gain insight.The Alliance’s work and progress implies numerous meetings and conferences involving all players, including:

  • Regular meetings for each Advisory Committee: Communication, Legal, Marketing and Technical, alternating between Web conferences and in-person meetings. These meetings are open to Board and Sponsor members in charge of internal coordination (management of working groups);
  • To further contribute to the development of the Natural Security solution, regular meetings for each working group and two plenary meetings per year are scheduled,
  • Exchange of information is made possible via mailing lists and discussion boards, using online collaborative tools. For members unable to physically attend meetings, web conferences are always available.


In addition to meetings, summits are regularly organized to foster exchanges within the ecosystem between players from the entire market. These events provide opportunities for Alliance members (during external conferences) to share a vision with other members, on a specific subject related to the Alliance (biometric technology, authentication, etc.). A number of events are organized to evangelize and educate the market.

All marketing and communication activities organized by the Natural Security Alliance are dedicated to sharing, collaborating and networking, and indeed aim to broaden the scope of the Alliance.

As a result, joining the Natural Security Alliance highlights and reinforces the position of each member as a major player in its sector, and visibility thanks to the growing awareness of Natural Security.