As you may know, after several months of R&D, our team has enabled the Natural Security technology on almost any kind of smartphones, lifting the main restriction before massive rollout of our technology: the user’s equipment. From now on, an iPhone or an Android smartphone suffice to benefit from the hands-free authentication.

Furthermore, as a main player in the field of authentication and biometrics, Natural Security Alliance is launching an activity of Trusted Authentication Operator. This new activity offers to service providers a unique mobile application for biometric authentication. The Natural Security application brings out a simple, fast and secure user experience, whatever the service for online or proximity usage.

These two evolutions (smartphone technology and the Trusted Authentication Operator) started to bear fruits since the Alliance recently signed new contracts for deployments before the end of this year, especially in a university campus scheduled in September.

We have chosen July 1 to gather all members and to discuss these subjects in company of the players involved in the forthcoming deployments .

This meeting is restricted to members. If you want to attend, please contact us.