*Authorized by the French Data Protection Authority *
authorization #2016-212 

Lille – September 2, 2016. Natural Security Alliance is currently deploying its new Trusted Authentication Operator activity, named “Natural Security”, allowing its users to access their favorite in-store and online services, through a single easy to use and secured application.

Once their biometrics securely stored in the Natural Security application (iOS/Android, and not especially biometric enabled smartphones), users can strongly authenticate (with the combination of its biometrics and smartphone) in order to access proximity services such as payments, access control or cash withdrawal, only by placing their finger on the biometric reader installed at the point of acceptance, and without manipulating their smartphone.

The originality of Natural Security lies in its hands-free user experience. The smartphone remains in the pocket, thus eliminating the risks of breaking or having the smartphone stolen, as well as reducing the time spent queuing, so much obstacles that hamper proximity mobile services.

Natural Security is also multi-channel: the combination of a public username and a secret code entered in the application offers strong authentication for online services, and even remotely using a phone or through the post. The user can authenticate to its preferred services (online banking, online accesses, e-signature, etc.) everywhere in the world.

Cédric Hozanne, CEO of Natural Security Alliance: “The introduction of this operator fosters the creation of a trusted ecosystem for all parties involved. The hands-free ergonomics of the solution meets both the need for simplicity expressed by users and the need for fluidity expressed by the physical points of acceptance; with a real return on investment. For service providers, the Natural Security application is enticing, and reinforces the attractiveness of their proximity and online services.”

Natural Security’s biometric system authorized by the French Data Protection Authority

The authorization granted to the trusted service Natural Security is the first of its kind.  It is the culmination of many years of research and development, in active cooperation with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (French Data Protection Authority), to design a system capable to ensure privacy in the processing of biometric data.

“The Alliance is the sole company today proposing biometric authentication to the general public which has been authorized by the French Data Protection Authority. Thus this authorization constitutes a genuine guarantee of trust for our users. Moreover, this acknowledgment as Trusted Authentication Operator allows the Alliance to stand as an intermediary between all actors of the service and exempts the service providers (e.g. banks, retailers) from requesting an authorization for biometric authentication.” explains Ugo Dallemagne, head of Natural Security Alliance’s Legal Advisory Committee.

At the heart of the “privacy by design” approach governing the service is the Enciphered Repudiable Biometric Chained Token, which guarantees the exclusive control of the user over its biometric data. The Trusted Authentication Operator Natural Security further ensures that each transaction stays anonymous, and as the Alliance possesses absolutely no personal information on the user, guarantees a tight sealing between service providers. The implementation of the solution by the Alliance and the other actors is rigorously controlled through organizational measures, subcontracting agreements, and internal rules.

Ongoing and future deployments

The Trusted Authentication Operator Natural Security is currently rolling out, at San Jose State University in the United-States, and Envies de Saison, a fast food chain in the area of Lille. Natural Security is soon to be tested by the customers of an Auchan hypermarket for payments (with the mobile wallet Fivory) and loyalty (myAuchan). Other projects are also currently in progress, in particular with the PMU, the Europe’s largest betting operator.