A successful combination of secure Environment and biometrics for a unique user experience01.022

The Natural Security standard defines a strong authentication method dedicated to online and offline transactions.

This standard is based on a unique combination of pairing technology, local biometric verification and a personal device:

  • A personal device stores applications and data used to authenticate the user, resolving problems related to privacy and avoiding the use of biometric databases. The standard can be implemented into various form factors, including smartcard, micro-SD Card, mobile phone Secure Element and token.
  • Wireless communication technology (current IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth Low Energy planned) spares users the need to physically handle the device.
  • Biometrics replaces or complements PINs so a transaction can only take place when both the user and the device are present.

No personal device to manipulate, no PIN code to enter, no signature required: Natural Security users simply place their finger on a reader. They do not have to search for a card, recall a PIN or retrieve a code from a phone or token. Users perform the same action with the same device whether carrying out the transaction online or in person.