AN ECOSYSTEM BASED ON business needs

With a standard based on a viable business model that encompasses the whole value chain, Natural Security is about more than just technology. From seamless integration for minimum impact on back-office operations, to flexibility in the choice of form factor and acceptance device, the Natural Security standard enables smooth, secure transactions for widespread user adoption.

Natural Security is supported by many players in the ecosystem, including card schemes, telecom operators, banks, merchants and retailers. Every player benefits from Natural Security’s positioning and standard.

Natural Security helps merchants create a unique customer experience by speeding up and standardizing the payment process, ensuring successful implementation and consumer adoption. As Natural Security operates at the level of authentication, it can be applied to virtually any kind of payment transaction, providing the same user experience for consumers without compromising data protection or security.

From the banking industry’s perspective, Natural Security facilitates the adoption of two-factor strong authentication. It ensures that users benefit from the same experience across services and locations. Evaluation and certification processes have also been established under this scheme, to build trust and encourage adoption of the standard. Due to the hidden costs of implementation (e.g. enrollment, issuance, user education, support), a single authentication method should be suitable for both online and face-to-face transactions.

From the vendors’ perspective, Natural Security advocates transparency by developing specifications that are available to all members of the value chain, including card issuers, merchants, acquirers and consumers. A major advantage of such transparency is that the specifications also serve as a reference for certification (e.g. laboratory testing) undertaken to ensure the specifications are correctly implemented. This is a key requirement, especially in the payment industry where technologies must be certified to guarantee consistency, interoperability with existing infrastructures, and compliance with technical and security regulations.

Natural Security optimizes investments already made in mobile NFC and is fully compatible with infrastructure and platforms set up for NFC, including TSM, Java/GP and OTA.