A cornerstone of three fundamental values

We are business driven

Our solutions respond to market requirements and are compatible with all components of the ecosystem.  We advocate seamless integration for minimum impact on back office operations and maximum interoperability. Flexibility in the choice of form factor (micro SD card, token, mobile phone…) is paramount to wide user adoption.  Smooth transactions offer potential for developing new customer-vendor relationships.

Innovation is in our DNA

We facilitate integration of new technology by looking at the complete value chain, ensuring our solutions respond to business needs. Experience in key processes like enrolment and training, gives us a greater understanding of the customer and his needs both now and in the future. Exploration of new use cases enables us to offer new services, in addition to a technology-based solution. We believe that for such technological breakthrough, support in change management incorporating social and behavioural implications is crucial to user acceptation.

Zero compromise on security and privacy

Our commitment to privacy by design, or total protection of privacy and data throughout the entire life cycle of the technology, contributes strongly to user trust. With our solution, a consumer must explicitly give consent for every type of transaction and user traceability is not possible. We undergo independent testing and assessment, and impose certification and compliance with requirements from regulating bodies. These best practices have been compiled into a set of privacy rules to provide a framework for implementation of the specifications, according to Natural Security’s values and to simplify the role of data controllers.